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Meet the EFofSV Board of Directors


Kriss Hagerl is a retired educator, serving for 29 years in Sierra Vista Unified School District.  She is a proud Buena High School graduate and her own children received an excellent public school education in SVUSD.  She is serving on the EFofSV Board with the purpose of building sustainable networks and resources for financial and physical supports for our children, our teachers, principals and staff in our community’s outstanding SVUSD schools. 

Kriss Hagerl

Suzanne DeRosier is a retired teacher with 27 years in the Buena High School English Department. "It is a privilege to serve on the Education Foundation of Sierra Vista with the purpose of encouraging our community to stay informed and enthused about the schools in Sierra Vista Unified School District.  It is vital that we support our teachers, staff, and children."

Susanne DeRosier,
carol jordahl black and white shot.jpg

Carol Jordahl retired from the Sierra Vista Unified School District in 2019, after serving four years in the Curriculum Department and fourteen years in the Superintendent's office.  Having worked for years in the District Office, Carol knows that growing young minds requires diligence and commitment from the professionals who work with them each day.  Joining the Board of EFofSV only made sense because it is so very important to support our teachers in their work and to help prepare students for their future.

Carol Jordahl,
Rod Creathbaum,
Board Member

Rod is currently a semi-retired Financial Planner with over 50 years of experience working with individuals and businesses helping them achieve their goals.  In his spare time, he is an information junkie, always looking for ways to improve individuals and organizations.  He works with an anonymous think tank that looks for ways to make Cochise County the healthiest possible place to live.  The think tank has been successful in helping bring over $2,000,000 into the county to improve communication for the medical community.  In addition, they are working to encourage collaborations to improve the health of individuals and organizations in the county.  Rod understands the quality of life in Sierra Vista is intimately connected to the quality of the education our children experience at SVUSD and commits his time with the Education Foundation to facilitate ways to support and enhance that education for Sierra Vista's youth.


Linda originally arrived in Sierra Vista in 1983, and continued a teaching career begun in Colorado. She taught art at the middle school for ten years then transferred to Buena High School as the Drawing and Painting teacher.  Joining the Education Foundation is a perfect segue for Linda. It's a great way to support teachers and students in our community. It makes Linda happy to help provide grants for teachers and scholarships for graduating seniors. She looks forward to seeing the Sierra Vista community at future events. 

Linda Moheit,
Board Member

Gayl relocated to Sierra Vista in 1994, with her family, and believes it incumbent upon each citizen to give to the community according to their beliefs and talents. Her life has been influenced by her travels and experiences as an Army "brat,' then as an Army wife. In each location, focus on education played important roles for her family, which she later relayed into support for the Sierra Vista Unified School District. She believes in order to have a strong and vibrant community you must have strong and vibrant public schools producing well-educated students. The best way to ensure this is to encourage the community and businesses to help us support our educators and enrich our students and schools. 

Gayl Murphy,
Board Member


Terry is a retired teacher of 32 years with the Sierra Vista Unified School District.  She began her teaching career teaching Business classes at Sierra Vista Jr. High, teaching 9th-grade typing and General Business and then spent the next 30 years at Buena High School teaching Marketing, Business Law, Shorthand, Keyboarding, Notehand, Business Communications, Computer classes, and Cooperative Office Education (work/study program). "I became involved with EFofSV to help provide financial support for our graduates and to help students, teachers, support staff, and administration through providing additional means for continued and improved guidance and training for our students."

Terry Rothery,
Board Member

Dr. Hal Thomas is the Father of the Education Foundation of Sierra Vista.  He has earned his Doctorate in Education, MA in Industrial Education, BA in Bus ADM and Psychology and, Minors in English, Geography, History, and Economics.  Education is his passion.  "Who will lead America into a bright future?"

Without some education that make students "work ready" for one of today's good jobs and a lifelong learner for tomorrow's challenges, they will never secure a decent job or realize their full potential.  We must prepare ourselves and invest in the next generation to be those future leaders."

Dr. Hal Thomas
Founding Board Member

Barbara has been part of Sierra Vista Public Schools, now Sierra Vista Unified School District, for more than 30 years, as parent, volunteer, PTO activist, student teacher, middle school teacher (four years at Apache), high school teacher (17 years in Buena's Social Studies Department), and school board member from 2017 - 2021.  "I love the District and the Education Foundation is a way to support our great kids and staff and to stay connected."

Barb Williams,
Board Member
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